Karen Wade grew up in Cornwall in the far west of England, 'where the land meets the sea'. The art traditions of the Cornish Modernist movement became the starting point for her own work, and one that she would return to again and again.  

In the words of the artist: “There is a Cornish language of shape – the recognizable boat, the circle, the off-kilter and immensely satisfying rectangular shapes, with a deep inference to rock and sea. When I moved to London, I didn’t have the landscapes but I had galleries to visit. I looked back in my mind to the time I modeled for the artist Rose Hilton, contemplating Roger Hilton’s work on the walls and inspired by stories of Rose’s time evolving as a confident, beautiful woman and artist. This was my legacy: the rebellious line made beautiful by the deft hand of Roger, the colors of Patrick Heron’s paintings, and the balance of Barbara Hepworth’s sculptures."

After moving to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Karen created new work inspired by the colors of the big skies of the mountains and plains. The soft pink blush of the evening light reflected on the snow and the clouds motivated her choice of colors.  

Karen recently moved back to England and is creating new work at her studio on the south coast of Devon.

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